CGI view of the consented scheme looking north along Albert Embankment


The site is a 5-minute walk from Vauxhall transport hub which allows connection to the National Rail Network, London Underground and London Bus services. In addition, several bus routes run directly along Albert Embankment and there are also good connections to the local cycle route network and Cycle Superhighway making it accessible and well connected.

Apart from c.16 – 20 disabled car parking spaces in the basement of the building, provided by an innovative automatic parking system, the development will be car-free. The main vehicle and pedestrian access will be from Albert Embankment.

The scheme allows for an off-street taxi drop off area within the site. Staff will be encouraged to use the excellent public transport links and cycle parking will also be provided on site.


A detailed Transport Assessment is being prepared as part of the planning application and Ocubis is liaising closely with Lambeth Council to ensure that appropriate mitigation measures are put in place where required.

A Servicing Management Plan is being developed. It is proposed that all servicing will be undertaken from the servicing bay on Glasshouse Walk. The servicing deliveries (up to 26 per day, including refuse and recycling collections) are intended to take place during the day to mitigate any impact on the amenity of neighbours.

The hotel will offer a slight reduction in the number of service and private vehicles compared to the previously consented residential scheme when allowance for the recent rise in private home deliveries is accounted for. Additionally, with a hotel use, unlike residential use, the timings of deliveries can be controlled by the operator.

Taxis would access the hotel via Albert Embankment allowing drop-offs and pick-ups to happen off the highway. A single vehicle crossing point on the Albert Embankment footway helps minimise any impact on pedestrians on the Embankment.